past productions

August 2016

Written by Graham Linehan (The IT Crowd, Father Ted), The Ladykillers follows the story of the 1955 film in a wild and farcical manner.

Mrs Wilberforce opens her house to a lodger, Marcus, who she believes to be a musician, but unbeknown to her, Marcus and his cronies, the band, are actually planning a bank heist. In classic farcical fashion, everything goes wrong and soon the play descends into hysterical madness as the plan falls apart, one element at a time.

The Ladykillers was performed at the Powell Theatre in August 2016 for two successful nights, with the performances, set and direction praised by the audience. Directed by Matt Owen, produced by George Kirby and with leading performances from Gez Downing, Jo Moore and Louis Breen.

Audience praise for Midnight Theatre's The Ladykillers:

"Side-splittingly funny, a dull moment was nowhere to be seen"
"Professional standard performances in a truly superb production"
"Hysterical, impressive and surprisingly emotional - congratulations!"
"I loved it, I wish I could watch it all over again, I haven't laughed that hard in years"


July 2016

A Midsummer Night's Dream is arguably Shakespeare's most famous comedy and it follows three different storylines. Firstly, The Athenians: a group of four lovers; secondly, The Fairies: the magical forest-dwellers in war; and thirdly The Mechanicals: a group of amateur actors. As the play unfolds the groups become intrinsically intertwined, creating a clever and magical comedy.

Performed outdoors in July 2016, Midnight Theatre's A Midsummer Night's Dream added musical elements to the production, creating a performance space where the lines between audience and actor were blurred and the magical setting briefly became a reality.

Directed by Matt Owen, with leading performances by Owen Cowden, Rachel Roper and Tara Pirce

Audience praise for Midnight Theatre's A Midsummer Night's Dream:

"Truly magical - my very first Shakespeare and I loved it!"
"A beautifully conceived and very well executed project, bringing comedy, fun and magic to an otherwise overdone play"
"Utterly engrossing - splendid work!"
"You brought out the beauty of the language, drawing laughs, tears and everything in between - splendid."


JUNE 2016

The conception of Midnight Theatre came with the initial production of Electra, a comic adaptation written by Joel Moore and Matt Owen over their final year at sixth-form.

Electra follows the story of Electra and her husband whilst they find her long lost brother, Orestes, and plot to kill their treacherous mother, Clytemnestra. Added to the traditional story came a meta subplot packed full of in-jokes resulting in uproarious laughs.

Electra was performed for 5 performances in the Powell Theatre, Hereford with a cast of over 20, selling out the 100-person studio for every performance.

Directed by Matt Owen, with Musical Direction from Jo Moore. Written by Joel Moore and Matt Owen, and produced by George Kirby with leading performances from Louis Breen, Ellen Oliver-Davies, Ali Milne and Felix Jones.

Audience praise for Midnight Theatre's Electra:

"One of the best shows I've seen in years - see you on the West End!"
"An incredible achievement, made even more impressive by the youth of the cast and crew"
"Brilliantly funny, but not at its own expense - amazing writing!"