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Forty Weeks:

Powell Theatre, Hereford: 31st July
Mint Studio, Edinburgh: 4th - 12th August

Forty Weeks is an original play directed and written by Midnight Theatre co-founder Matt Owen, performing a 9-date run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017.

Exploring elements of stillbirth through an abstract look into the mind of a grieving mother, Forty Weeks takes an honest and uncompromising look into the sinister side of the maternal mindset. By incorporating real testimony and research into the script, taking inspiration from real stories, the production aims to produce a sense of realism in the abstract setting which it is set.

With a cast of only three in a small venue, Forty Weeks aims to be an intimate and personal experience, without scaring or intruding on the audience. (Recommended age: 14 and above)

Winner of the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund Award and is performed in association with the University of Warwick.

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Powell Theatre, Hereford: 13th, 14th September

Danny the Champion of the World is an original musical written by Midnight Theatre co-founder Jo Moore, based on Roald Dahl's classic children's book performing for 2 nights only in Hereford.

This family-friendly romp through the English countryside encapsulates all the humour, ingenuity and emotion of the source text in a multitude of musical numbers sure to put a smile on your face.

The production intends to highlight the storytelling aspects of the tale, blurring the lines between cast and band to create a fluid rhythm to the piece, reducing the normal 'stage-y' nature of a musical, and adapting it into a more personal experience.

With a large and talented cast, alongside an experienced crew, with an impressive set, Danny the Champion of the World is a must-see, especially since this will be the world-premiere of Jo Moore's new adaptation.

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